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Tips to get your cat to drink more water.

When it comes to our bluestem water additive, many of our customers ask, "my cat doesn't drink water, or only drinks directly from the tap, what do I do?"
Here are a few tips and tricks we at bluestem came up with to help!
  • Place a few water bowls throughout your house and show them to your cat. By giving them multiple options they will be more inclined to drink from them throughout the day.


  • Add a flavour to your cat’s water (such as bluestems chicken water additive!) to attract them to the water dish.


  • Use a water fountain instead of a water dish to attract your cat to this fun water providing alternative.


  • Try different bowl sizes. Cats are extremely sensitive to their bowl location as well as bowl type. By trying different sizes, you can determine what they prefer.

  • Changing your cats water frequently and making sure it is fresh can also encourage your cat to drink more. It is a theory that cats prefer the freshest water possible which is why they are so eager to drink from the tap.
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