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I noticed over a two week period, this is helping not just her breath, but her plaque and tartar build up as well.

I have two dogs, a Saint Bermastiff, Diesel who just turned a year old a couple weeks ago. I also have my lovely thirteen year old Welsh Corgi/ Blue Heeler mix Eldorado. And while Diesel hasn't been overcome with that awful dog breath, any one who knows Eldorado can tell you, her breath is the worst! She is the sweetest dog, but a lot of people don't want to pet her because as soon as she starts panting your way, or even within a few feet of you, you will start gagging. So, though both dogs have tried these products in this post, Eldorado really is my main focus right now on breath freshening.
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Best Methods And Products For Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

I recently came across an extremely interesting oral care solution from bluestem. They make a water additive that works for both cats and dogs that helps promote oral health in your pets – all you have to do is mix in their product with your dog’s drinking water, and it does the work!
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3 Chickens and a Boat try bluestem!

Julie from 3 Chickens and a Boat uses her blog to discuss living a happy life, delicious recipes, family living, and more. Julie’s pets are senior dogs who have grown up with her family over the years. Although they are coming to the final years of their life, Julie recognizes the importance of giving her pups the best care possible to ensure their remaining time with the family is spent living the healthiest and happiest lives possible. You can read about Julie’s experience using bluestem products by clicking here!
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Daily Dog Tag reviews bluestem!

Beth Patterson is a passionate dog photographer that loves to share the stories of animals and owners through pictures. Beth shares her passion through her blog, while also providing adoption information, and sharing general pet facts. Beth tried the bluestem products on her three dogs and had wonderful results all around! Read about her experience by clicking here!
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Paws for Reaction tries bluestem!

         Stacey is a passionate animal lover whose blog features valuable articles for dog owners such as pet food recalls, pet food nutrition, information on different breeds, and dog health and wellness. When Stacey was becoming concerned about her dog Keira’s oral health, she turned to bluestem oral care for help. You can read about her and pups experience using bluestem products by clicking here!

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CommuniKait tries bluestem!

         If you’re looking for a blog that features a little bit of everything lifestyle, Kait has you covered. Her, her husband, and their two chocolate labs, Judy and Bill, take adorable photos, share recipes, travel experiences, and beauty and health tips. Kait took the time to review her and her two adorable chocolate labs experience using bluestem products on her blog, Communikait. Check out the post and the rest of her blog by clicking here!


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Her and Her Dogs love bluestem!

Do you have an amazing adoption story about how you came to find your new furry family member? Sadie from Her and Her Dogs blog would love to hear it. Sadie is the writer of the blog that features animal adoption stories, links to available animals for adoption in the area, raising awareness about the mistreating of animals, health and wellness information, and pictures of her adorable pets. bluestem was thrilled that Sadie used our products to increase her animal’s oral health, and you can read about their experience by clicking here!
Both of these images were provided by Her and Her Dogs.
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Sugar the Golden tries bluestem!

Sugar is a fifteen year old golden retriever who has quickly become the poster dog to showcase awesome products for pups. Her owners blog, Golden Woof, shares tasty dog friendly recipes, DIY tutorials, product reviews, and much more for any dog owner looking to stay up to date on the best pet technology and products out there. Sugar and her owner Rosalyn tried bluestem and shared their experience on Golden Woof. To read the entire post, click here! 

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Gone to the Snow Dogs try bluestem!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the youtube sensations Gone to the Snow Dogs. Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis are some of the cutest huskies in the dog world, and we were super excited when they shared their experiences using bluestem. Check out their full review on their blog

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