Frequently Asked Questions

bluestem™ oral care products contain 100% food-grade ingredients that are approved by Health Canada’s LRVHP program, as well as follow AAFCO guidelines. Furthermore, we have conducted a third party safety study to ensure that our product is suitable for daily use.

Food-grade simply means that the ingredients are of a quality that is considered safe for use in foods, according to Health Canada.

bluestem™ oral care products are manufactured in Canada with our ingredients being sourced from North American suppliers.

How Does it Work?

While brushing teeth is the gold standard, it is not always an option for some dog owners.  When used daily by itself, bluestem oral care products can help reduce tartar by 25.4%.  bluestem’s effectiveness increases significantly when used in conjunction with an oral care program, such as using dental chews, dental toys, dental diets, and brushing of teeth.

Biofilms are pervasive and represent the most prevalent bacterial mode of growth. They form on living and non-living surfaces and can be found in natural, industrial, and healthcare settings. The most commonly known biofilm is dental plaque.

Yes, our product is safe for dogs and cats of all ages.

No, it should not affect your pet’s water consumption rate.

When used as directed, you should notice an improvement in your pet’s breath within a week.  You will notice tartar reduction after using the product daily for 30-60 days.

Yes, for increased efficacy, you can use both products together.

When used daily, a bottle of bluestem™ water additive will last an average-sized dog approximately 1 month.

When used daily, a bottle of bluestem™ oral spray will last an average-sized dog approximately 2 months.

For best results, add bluestem™ to your pet’s water every time you refill the bowl?

Yes, you can premix bluestem ahead of time. It is not necessary to refrigerate the ready-to-drink solution.


Some pets are more sensitive to changes in their water or food.  We recommend you start with half a capful to allow your pet to get used to the change. As your pet gets used to it, you can increase it by half a capful every couple of days until you reach the recommended dosage.

Whenever trying to introduce a new routine, it is always good to take slow steps to make them feel more comfortable.  Behavior modification techniques can be used to make it a more pleasant experience with your pet.

Step 1: Allow the dog to sniff the bottle and see that it is safe.
Step 2: Remove the cap and spray some bluestem™ onto your hand. Let your dog sniff and lick it. Repeat these steps for 1 week.
Step 3: After the first week, spray a single squirt into your dog’s mouth. Repeat this for a week.
Step 4: Expose your dog’s teeth and spray a squirt on each side (top and bottom) of your dog’s mouth.

We are sorry to hear that your pet was unwell.  Some pets are more sensitive to new products than others. We suggest introducing bluestem™ to your pet a little more gradually, as described in the first question under “Troubleshooting”. If your pet continues to be ill, stop using and contact your veterinarian.

Yes, our product remains effective when used in these types of filtered water fountains.

Adding food coloring to oral care products is unnecessary and doesn’t provide any functionality.


Low Risk Veterinary Health Product. LRVHPs must meet Health Canada’s Notification Program requirements for safety and effectiveness. As well, all ingredients must be on the admissible List of Substances established by Health Canada. In order for LRVHPs to be legally sold in Canada, they must have either a Notification Number through this program, or a Notice of Compliance (NOC) and a Drug Identification Number (DIN).