bluestem's full range of products with coactiv+

A Comprehensive Lineup of Oral Care Products for Your Pet

The best pet oral care routine is the one you’ll actually stick with. That means using products your pet will accept and that you have time to administer. At bluestem, we believe in providing our customers with a full range of products to meet both of those needs. From water additives and oral sprays, through to toothpastes and dental chews, you can choose the combination that will fit your busy schedule best. And all of our products contain our patent pending coactiv+™ technology.

bluestem water additives

Water Additives

As simple as adding 2 capfuls every time you fill the water bowl. Or pre-mix powder for larger quantities.

bluestem oral spray

Oral Spray

Just 2-3 squirts on each side of the mouth and you’re done. No measuring or mixing required.

bluestem toothpaste

Toothpastes & Toothbrushes

The gold standard! A more dedicated, but effective approach to oral care. Both toothpaste and toothbrush options available.

bluestem dental wipes

Dental Wipes

Just wrap, rub, toss and go, and be confident knowing you got to every tooth in their mouth.

bluestem dental chews

Dental Chews

A flavour so delicious your dog won’t even realize how good they are for the care of their teeth.

bluestem dental chews

Rawhide Chews

A single layer of real beef hide is an easy alternative to brushing, for that daily mechanical action.