Video Transcript

bluestem™ Oral Spray is a great oral care solution for dogs with moderate to severe tartar buildup.

It comes with a no-startle, quiet pump and is a great solution for dogs that don’t drink a lot of water, are very sensitive to putting anything in their water, or don’t tolerate brushing.

bluestem™ Oral Spray is available only for dogs in a 2 oz or 60 milliliters bottle in a Vanilla Mint flavor.

It is scientifically formulated with coactiv+™ to help freshen breath, fight plaque, and reduce tartar and is a great addition to any dog’s oral care routine. To apply, gently lift the upper lip to expose teeth and gums. Shake the spray bottle well and Spray liberally on each side of their mouth, coating the teeth and gums. We recommend applying once or twice daily for the best results.