It's not just bad breath


And that means plaque and tartar on your pet's teeth .
We can help solve that.


We offer a full lineup of pet oral care products with Coactiv+™ to fit both your pet and your lifestyle.

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Your pet’s bad breath could signal a much bigger problem.

Bad breath means the presence of bacteria which quickly turns into plaque and tartar, and, left untreated, dental disease. Bacteria under the gum line can even travel to their heart, liver and kidneys causing serious health issues. Surpringly, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show some signs of gum disease by age 3. So, don’t wait until you notice red swollen gums, bad breath and tooth loss. Treat your pet’s oral care the same way you do – with daily attention and the right products.

We have an easy solution for that.

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For your pet’s healthy mouth

Coactiv+™ Technology

Many pet oral care products either use harsh chemicals or simple cleansing agents that mask bad breath. All bluestem™ products are scientifically formulated with our patent-pending coactiv+™ technology. Its unique formulation of food-grade ingredients safely break down plaque and tartar biofilm – a strong, web-like structure bacteria produce to protect themselves. Clinical results show bluestem™ water additive alone can reduce tartar by 25%, without brushing.
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