Video Transcript

One of the most important steps a pet parent can take to keep their pet’s teeth and mouth healthy is providing daily oral care at home. The reality is that the best ORAL CARE solution for pets is the one pet parents will actually use on a daily basis.

bluestem™ Water Additive with coactiv+™ technology is an easy-to-use and safe oral care solution that is clinically proven to reduce tartar buildup without brushing to promote good oral hygiene. It is scientifically formulated for daily use for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats.

In an independent efficacy study, dogs given bluestem™ water additive in their daily drinking water showed a 25.4% tartar buildup reduction over 84 days without brushing.

bluestem™ water additive can also help freshen pets’ breath in just a few days and works best with continued use.

bluestem™ water additive is available in a 500 milliliters or 16 oz bottle in 3 flavors: an Original Unflavored formula and a Chicken Flavor for dogs and cats and a Vanilla Mint flavor for dogs only.

Our water additives contain no animal protein so you can have confidence recommending it for all pets, even those with allergic reaction to chicken protein.

To use, simply shake the bottle well and add 2 capfuls to 2 ½ cups or 600 milliliters of a pet’s drinking water. When used daily, a bottle of bluestem™ water additive will last an average-sized dog about 1-2 months.

For first time users, we recommend starting off by adding a quarter capful instead of 2 capfuls to 600 milliliters or 2 ½ cups of water for the first couple of days and slowly working their way up to a full dose over 3-4 weeks.

bluestem™ water additive does not foam or cause slimy residue in pets’ water bowls and can be used with most water fountains.