nullWater Additive

bluestem™ Water Additive comes in three different flavors and is one of the easiest products to use. Just add 2 capfuls to 2.5 cups of your pet’s drinking water and you’re done. In an independent, Good Clinical Practice Efficacy study, dogs were given bluestem™ water additive in their daily drinking water, and by 84 days showed a 25.4% reduction in tartar – without even brushing!

Features & Benefits
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar
  • Freshens breath and improves oral hygiene
  • Original and chicken flavors available for dogs and cats
  • Vanilla mint flavor available for dogs only
  • Safe for daily use in all breeds and sizes
  • Does not foam or cause slimy residue in your pet’s water bowl
  • Can be used in most water fountains
  • Also available in cost-effective powder format for breeders and multi-pet households
  • bluestem Water Additive in 3 flavors

Ease of Use & Effectiveness

For an optimal oral care program, use bluestem™ Water Additive on a daily basis, in combination with bluestem™ Toothpaste, bluestem™ Dental Wipes, or bluestem™ Dental Chews.

Products Ease of Use Effectiveness
Daily Water Additive alone Easy Preventative
Daily Water Additive + 2x week Toothpaste + Moderate Cleaning
Daily Water Additive + 2x week Dental Wipe + Moderate Cleaning
Daily Water Additive + daily Dental Chew + Easy Cleaning

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