nullOral Spray

bluestem™ Oral Spray is a great alternative for dogs that are on a raw diet and don’t drink a lot of water, or for those dogs that are very sensitive about putting anything in their water. Another easy to use option, just lift your dog’s upper lip to expose teeth and gums and spray twice on each side of the mouth. The spray comes with a no-startle nozzle.

Features & Benefits
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar
  • Freshens breath and improves oral hygiene
  • For dogs only in Vanilla Mint flavour
  • Safe for daily use in all breeds and sizes
bluestem™ Oral Spray

Ease of Use & Effectiveness

For an optimal oral care program, use bluestem™ Oral Spray on a daily basis, in combination with bluestem™ Toothpaste, bluestem™ Dental Wipes, or bluestem™ Dental Chews.

Products Ease of Use Effectiveness
Daily Oral Spray alone Easy Preventative
Daily Oral Spray + 2x week Toothpaste + Moderate Cleaning
Daily Oral Spray + 2x week Dental Wipe + Moderate Cleaning
Daily Oral Spray + daily Dental Chew + Easy Cleaning

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