Video Transcript

Daily toothbrushing remains the gold standard of at-home dental care for pets. It is an effective way to remove plaque that leads to periodontal disease.

For the best results, pet parents need to choose a pet friendly toothpaste that can effectively fight plaque and reduce tartar buildup.

Our toothpaste has a thick and sticky texture that helps it stay on the toothbrush while brushing.

It is scientifically formulated with coactiv+™ to help freshen breath, fight plaque and reduce tartar to promote good oral hygiene for dogs and cats.

Our chicken flavored toothpaste contains no artificial flavor and no animal protein so you can have confidence recommending it for all pets, even those with allergic reaction to chicken protein.

Our toothpaste is available on its own, or in our Oral kits.

bluestem™ Oral Kits come with a 70 gram or 2.5 oz toothpaste, a dual-sized toothbrush and a finger brush specifically designed for pets to help remove stubborn plaque and reduce tartar. Medium soft bristles with angled-head toothbrush, in combination with the soft and flexible finger brush can help clean hard to reach areas in a pet’s mouth.

bluestem™ also offers a toothbrush and finger brush set that includes a dual-sized toothbrush along with 2 different finger brushes for the ultimate dental cleaning. To brush a pet’s teeth, simply use a pea sized amount of our thick and sticky toothpaste and gently brush their teeth with a back-and-forth motion. No rinsing is required. We recommend daily teeth brushing for the best results.