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What are Biofilms

In previous blogs and videos, we’ve talked a lot about bacteria biofilms or plaque biofilms, but what exactly are biofilms and how do they form? Basically, biofilms are a […]

How to train your pet for an oral care routine

According to a recent survey published by Quebec’s small animal veterinarian association (AMVQ), only 1% of cat owners and 3% of dog owners provide daily preventative oral care to their pets. Yet it is what is recommended by veterinarians.

How to Assess Your Pet’s Oral Health

Have you ever looked in your dogs’ or cat’s mouth?
Most pet owners never do…
Yet, lifting your pet’s lips is the only way to assess its oral health.

The problem is, your dog’s bad breath could be far more serious than you think

Does your pet have bad breath?
If your answer is yes, you are not alone. According to a recent survey by AMVQ (Quebec Small Animal Veterinary Association), almost half of adult dog owners have noticed bad breath in their pet. About one in six owners even admit that their pet has awful breath! Note that these numbers increase in dogs 10 years and older.

bluestem™ Dr. Jean Gauvin DVM, and Dr. Gordon Guay Ph.D., offer pet parents some in-depth insight into their pet’s oral care issues and needs through a new blog and video series

bluestem™ Oral Care has added an educational component to its brand with a series of blogs, videos, and webinars focussing on topics related to companion pet oral health concerns and […]