Bluestem’s Dr. Jean Gauvin DVM, and Dr. Gordon Guay Ph.D., offer pet parents some in-depth insight into their pet’s oral care issues and needs through a new blog and video series

Bluestem Oral Care has added an educational component to its brand with a series of blogs, videos, and webinars focussing on topics related to companion pet oral health concerns and strategies. The video series is called “In-depth Insights into Pet Oral Care” and features discussions from Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jean Gauvin DVM and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gordon Guay Ph.D., from parent company Kane Biotech. Both Dr. Gauvin and Dr. Guay bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in antimicrobial stewardship to pet health and product development.

Dr. Gauvin opens up about how “the video series will be instrumental in helping people better understand why oral care is important for their pet and, more importantly, will provide them with the tools they need to deliver against this. We invite listeners to send us all their pet oral care questions through our Facebook page @bluestempets, and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can through our Q&A series.”

Dr. Guay comments on his “excitement to leverage some of the work that I’ve done previously for big multinational companies to help pet owners keep their pets’ oral health in great condition, through the development of a number of products that are both effective and safe for everyday use. I believe people are going to do the right thing for their pets if they understand what’s critical for their health and their well-being.”