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bluestem™ Veggie Dental Chews

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Every pet parent knows dogs love a tasty chew.

bluestem™ Veggie Dental Chews are scientifically formulated with coactiv+™ to help freshen breath, fight plaque, and reduce tartar. They provide both mechanical and science-based dental cleaning through our coactiv+™ technology.

Our flavorful veggie recipe helps minimize any allergic reaction to our dental chews so you can confidently recommend them to all dog parents.

Our Veggie Dental Chews are available in 3 chew sizes to accommodate all dog sizes. Our chews are designed with specific density and texture to allow the dog’s teeth to penetrate right up to the gum line while the ridges on the spokes work to remove plaque and tartar on the entire tooth. Our tasty dental chews are low calorie and low fat and ideal for daily use.