What are biofilms and how does coactiv+ work?

Watch this video for an in-depth analysis.

Coactiv+™ Technology & Biofilms

Plaque and tartar form in your pet’s mouth because of bacteria. Certain bacteria have the ability to produce biofilm – a glue-like substance that functions as a protective dome, under which bacteria multiply rapidly. When this biofilm is not removed from the teeth every 12-36 hours, it begins to bind with minerals in the saliva and calcify into tartar which causes gingivitis and periodontal disease.Bad breath is usually the first telltale sign that your pet has underlying oral health issues.

bluestem™ coactiv+™ technology is a safe and effective way to soften and break down the biofilm without any harsh chemicals or antimicrobials. And clinical trials have shown that our bluestem™ water additive can achieve this – without brushing.

Here’s how it actually works:

Without proper oral care, plaque biofilm and calcified tartar form

A pet’s saliva along with food debris on their teeth contain magnesium, calcium and iron – the food source for bacteria. As bacteria are attracted to these minerals, they attach to the tooth’s surface and produce plaque biofilm, which quickly progresses to calcified tartar.

Step 1: Coactiv+™ binds minerals

When a bluestem™ product enters your pet’s mouth, these minerals immediately attach to the binding agents in our coactiv+™ formula, making them unavailable to the bacteria.

Step 2: Without minerals, bacteria begin to die

Coactiv+™ then removes the minerals from the mouth, leaving bacteria without a food source to live on. Bacteria biofilms become weak and eventually the layers of plaque start to fall away.

Step 3: Weakened tartar softens and begins to break off

Hard, calcified tartar begins to soften, flake and break off enabling chews, wipes, toothpastes and dental diets to be much more effective.

In Vivo Study: Dramatic Tartar Softening

In a small-scale study, 3 dogs were given our bluestem™ Oral Spray at 2 pumps per side, twice a day. Other than their normal food diet, no other products were provided. Here is the result for one of the trial dogs:

Day 0

Breed: Basset Hound
Age / Sex: 10 year old male
Condition: Severe case of calcified tartar

Day 28

Biofilm has been weakened, and there is a noticeable difference in the colour of the tartar.

Day 35

Large chunks of calcified tartar have broken off after receiving a hard bone regularly provided to the dog prior to the study.